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Welcome to Bass-n-Tubes

Bass-n-Tubes is a northern California Float Tube, Kickboat, and Kayak Bass fishing club. We welcome anglers of any skill level and all ages to come on out and join the fun of our low keyed, low cost style of Bass fishing and tournament angling.

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May 21, 2017
Salt Spring Valley Reservoir

2017 News

April 22-23, 2017 - Clear Lake

There was a lot of excitement and anticipation for the forty eight anglers that showed up to Clear Lake for the 17th annual 'Bass-n-Tubes Kickboat Open' at Clear Lake.

M&M Campground in Clear Lake Oaks has always been the traditional location for this event and unfortunately this year is likely to be the last year at M&M.
The campground has been sold!

The word around the lake was the bite had been tough, and with the wind blowing at blast off for day one it looked like it was going to be just tough overall.

As usual there are those that always figure out how to put weight on the scale even in rough conditions. At the end of the first day of fishing the results proved this was the case, with one third of the field drawing a blank and the rest of the weights were all over the place.

At the top, after day one, it was a tie for the lead as two Clear Lake sticks slugged it out.
Daniel Balaba and Kevin Marcheschi both came to the scale with limits at 18.93 pounds. Both had big fish in their bags, Kevin with a 7.62 pounder, but Dan took the first day big fish option with a fat 8.42 pound Clear lake hawg.
Third place on Day one was Andy Mercado with 14.53. With 14.04 Josh Peterson was in the fourth spot, and rounding out the top five on day one was Robert Middleton with 13.29 pounds of Clear Lake bass.

At the end of the second day Kevin Marcheschi managed to pull off an unprecedented third win in as many years!
Kevin fished consistently both days with the day two bag to beat at 18.76 pounds for a total ten fish limit of 37.69 pounds.
Congratulations Kevin on another Open victory.

Daniel Balaba came to the scale on day two with another limit for 17.63 pounds, making his total ten fish limit of 36.56 pounds the second place weight.
Dan also had the day 2 big fish of 7.04 pounds, earning him all the option money.

Mike Ayers fished consistent both days and jumped from sixth on day one to third place, for the second time in two years, with ten fish for 24.05 pounds.

Fourth place goes to Matt Nyiri with nine fish total for 23.64 pounds, and Josh Peterson with nine fish for 22.84 pounds rounds out the top five.

congratulations to all the top finishers!

Bass-n-Tubes wants to thank all of our great sponsors that help keep this event happening every year. Please click on the banners and let them know we appreciate their support.

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See you next year... location TBD!

Your top 3 - 2017 Bass-n-Tubes Clear lake Open



Kevin Marchesci
Daniel Balaba
Mike Ayers

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Good fishin' to everyone!